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What is Medicare?

Medicare is a health insurance program for:

People age 65 and over
People under 65 with certain disabilities
People of any age with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant)
Since 1965, Medicare has helped millions of Americans pay for the health care services they need. You likely have already paid into the program through Social Security.

Medicare Advantage

Are you looking for Medicare plans that offer dental, vision and additional benefits.  We will examine how Medicare Advantage plans may or may not meet your Medicare needs.


Medicare Advantage Plans are sometimes called Part C or Medicare Health Plans.  These plans combines Medicare Parts A & B coverage benefits. The plans are administered by private health companies. Plan structures may include HMOs, PPOs, Special Needs Plans, and Private Fee-for-Service. Most health plans offer prescription drug coverage, but it's not mandatory.


Medicare Advantage plans may also offer additional benefits not offered by original Medicare. These benefits includes dental, vision, access to fitness centers, transportation, coverage outside your service area and more.  A Medicare Advantage Plan may be an attractive option. Depending on the plan benefits and your needs, enrollment into one of these plans may amount to  significant savings over time. 



To qualify for a Medicare Advantage Plan


 Though attractive it's not a perfect fit for everyone.  We recommend you speak with one of our certified and licensed agents to go over important details that may have a lasting effect on the way your health care needs are provided. An agent can be reached by calling 866-804-5520, or text care19 to 797979.

Important things to note about Medicare Advantage plans are :

  • You never lose Medicare even though your plan is administered by a private company.

  • Plans may require that you obtain referrals to see a specialist.

  • Plan usually don't cover benefits outside of service areas unless there's an emergency.

  • You might only be able to see doctors, specialist, and access facilities within the plan's network.


It is important when choosing a Medicare Advantage plan that you carefully review the summary of benefits. Make sure the benefits presented are suitable for your healthcare needs.  Our agents will make sure those needs are carefully analyzed, and will only make a recommendation to plans we believe are best fit for you after a complete analysis.  We understand the long term impact of making such an important decision and will be here to patiently guide you every step of the way.


 Call us now at 866-804-5520  or text care19 for more information, guidance and enrollment.  We look forward to helping you.

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